3 ways to use your new Marketplace coverage

Now that you’re enrolled in a health plan for 2019, you can use your new coverage for regular and emergency care, prescription drugs, and preventive care.

Image: {Doctor wraps patient’s injured arm with bandage}

Getting regular & emergency care

  • You usually pay the lowest costs for services when you see a doctor who has a contract with your health plan. Visit your health plan’s website and check their provider directory to see which doctors are covered.
  • In an emergency, you should get care from the closest hospital. Your insurance company can’t charge you more for getting emergency room services at an out-of-network hospital.

Getting prescription medications

  • Your health plan will help pay the cost of certain prescriptions. Visit your insurer’s website or review your plan’s Summary of Benefits and Coverage to see which prescriptions are covered by your new Marketplace plan.
  • Different health plans allow you to get your medications from different pharmacies. Call your insurance company or visit their website to find out if your regular pharmacy is in-network.

Getting free preventive care

Get more information on using your new coverage.