Bridge Plans

The Benefits of
Bridge Plans

Big “G” says to never risk going without health insurance: Did you know that you could find short-term plans or medical insurance packages outside of open enrollment? Short Term health insurance, sometimes called Term health insurance or Temporary health insurance, is designed to help bridge gaps in your health care coverage during times of transition. There is no absence of information online telling you what Short Term Medical insurance isn’t or what it can’t do for you. But for many people, and for many situations, the best Short Term health insurance plan they can find may just be the right solution.

Flexible and Fast

Let’s face it, we have differences and things happen which is why Short Term Medical insurance plans, offered in the market today, provide you with the following flexibility:

• Coverage as soon as 1 minute after Midnight
• Drop your coverage without penalty or hassles
• Choose from a range of available deductible amounts and plan options

And with your Short Term Medical insurance coverage starting as soon as the next day after you apply, you can get the security of that coverage fast, right when you need it-NOW…(almost)

Short-term plans are temporary coverage with limited benefits. They are not ACA-compliant, don’t cover pre-existing conditions and are not guaranteed-issue. You may still be subject to the tax penalty up until 2019.

A Bridge Plan
Can Offer You Many
Great Benefits

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  • Get covered quick, often as soon as day after application
  • Several ways to pick your deductible amount
  • No penalty for dropping coverage. Receive refund for unused portion of premium if more permanent insurance option becomes vailable
  • Provides access to thousands of health care professionals, hospitals and other facilities