Need to submit documents to confirm a life event?

If you’re eligible for a Special Enrollment Period to enroll in or change plans for 2019, you may be asked to provide documents to confirm the event that makes you eligible.

Image: {Woman submits documents electronically on computer to confirm life event}

Do I need to submit documents?

  • You’ll learn if you have to provide documents after you submit your application.
  • Details and instructions appear on your eligibility results screen and in a notice you can download or get in the mail.
  • If your eligibility results don’t say you need to, just pick a plan and enroll.

What document types can I provide?

How long do I have to send documents?

  • After you pick a plan, you have 30 days to send documents.
  • While your coverage start date is based on when you pick a plan, you can’t use your coverage until your eligibility is confirmed and you make your first premium payment.