Report household & income changes all year

Has your family, job, or income changed this year? If you’re currently enrolled in a 2019 Marketplace plan and experience household changes, update your application as soon as possible. These changes could impact your health coverage or the savings you’re getting.

Image: {Young man sits at computer to report a life change online}

What types of changes to report

  • Changes that affect your family size, like getting married or divorced, or having a baby
  • Changes that affect your household income, like changing jobs
  • Changes to the coverage that’s available to you, like becoming eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, or getting insurance through a job

Read the full list of life changes.

How to report life changes

  • Report changes to the Marketplace by updating your 2019 application.
  • Update your application online, by phone, or in person (just not by mail).
  • When you report a life change, you’ll get a new Marketplace eligibility notice. It’ll explain if you’re eligible for a Special Enrollment Period to change plans, get new savings, or enroll in a different kind of coverage.

Learn more about reporting changes to the Marketplace.